Proprietary Database Helps USSI Global Keep Warehouse Organized and Efficient

Proprietary Database Helps USSI Global Keep Warehouse Organized and Efficient Currently, USSI Global is deploying more than 20,000 IRD satellite receivers to support the adoption of 5G. These receivers are being transported to different customers across the country. Every day, sales orders are filled and delivery trucks are loaded to ensure timely delivery. Meanwhile, USSI […]

Benefits of a Monthly Service Agreement

service agreement

USSI Global has been proving the benefits of monthly service agreements for over 30 years. In order to understand how service agreements increase the value of your product or service, you have to recognize why these agreements exist.  The purpose of a monthly service agreement assures your services are functional 24/7 between you and your […]

USSI Logistics: Depot Repair & Rework Projects

USSI Logistics

As technology focuses on building a better product, logistics is enhancing the supply chain—one method is extending the life of technology designed for repair and refurbishing without the loss of performance. We have first-hand experience capturing warranty data, life cycles and the cost of replacement equipment capable of being re-programmed, repaired or refurbished. Our methods […]

Why We Offer Global On-Site Repair

Companies who seek to keep up with the digital age expect a lot from their services, and few companies understand this motto better than USSI Global. It’s just one of the reasons why we offer on-site repair globally — because you never know when or where there is going to be a problem with your […]