InfoComm 2017 is a place where AV companies can gather together to celebrate all the progress that has been made within their industry. It was held from June 14 to June 16 this year, and it set a record as the largest pro-AV show in North America. With 44,077 attending, it’s easy to see that the broader communications field grows stronger by the day. USSI Global is both honored and excited to be a part of this stellar growth.

Hosted at the Orange County Convention Center, those who attended the event were able to share their achievements, meet fellow professionals, and get a better understanding of how the future will look. USSI Global wouldn’t have missed it!. During the event, USSI Global also attended the Smart Signage Awards sponsored by Samsung. Find out more about the trends this event has helped to uncover, and how USSI Global is helping to drive those trends for consumers and businesses today.

The Smart Signage Awards

Signs not only point people in the right direction, they also provide updates and can even influence decisions. Signs with poor resolutions are easily ignored, making them effectively useless. While some businesses see signs as an afterthought, some understand just how pivotal they are. Samsung certainly falls into the latter category. They weren’t going to let innovations in signage go by without some type of recognition. On Thursday June 15th, they proudly honored 9 different companies for their work. They looked at a number of different factors, including the quality of the display, the creativity behind the aesthetics, revenue growth after implementing the sign, and (of course) customer satisfaction ratings.

Digital signs are being used in more businesses across the US. One of the big breakthroughs in recent years is digital signage use in the food industry. Instead of a static menu, quick-service restaurants are now using screens to show different specials or to inform customers about new menu items. The industry as a whole is expected to grow to $20 billion a year over the next two years, and USSI Global plans to be a major part of that growth. Right now, companies are being formed to fill the high demand for digital signage, and USSI Global is more than happy to accommodate them. By opening up new service opportunities, they allow these new players to get a leg-up when it comes to creating the best possible product.

What’s New

The bottom line is that AV equipment is becoming tougher and more versatile. There are far more ways to mount digital screens, regardless of where a business is located. So a McDonalds constructed in the 1970s in a sparsely populated town in Oklahoma can have the same chance to update the look of their business as its counterparts in Los Angeles or New York City. Outdoor screens are built to withstand some of the harshest weather a neighborhood can suffer, so owners don’t have to worry about replacing their sign every other winter. To add the final cherry to the sundae, digital signs get more and more affordable every year.

Collaboration at Work

AV professionals know the true value in sharing their insights. InfoComm is built on making full use of the resources we have to communicate with the world. They have more than 5,000 people in their association across 80 countries, from programmers to manufacturers to rental companies. Their goal is to educate promising individuals who wish to make their career in the audiovisual community, whether online or in the classroom. InfoComm shares market research so everyone can prepare for the changing trends ahead. They push people to challenge the standards and improve upon them.

In this spirit, their events are meant to bring people together so the industry can grow as a whole. Instead of pitting companies against one another, the event inspires partnerships. USSI Global took full advantage of this tremendous opportunity by forging new relationships and brainstorming better AV solutions for the future.