USSI Global Disaster Recovery and Colocation Services

Tech-savvy businesses are shifting toward colocation services because a virtual approach means affordable solutions with indefinite storage capacity. Reducing the risk of valuable data or business loss is preventable with the proper precautions in place.

As dynamic as technology is — every business is vulnerable to IT disasters. Whether the incident occurs due to nature, technology intervention, or human error. Frequent causes of data loss are related to software problems and human error. In any case, IT disasters are costly to a business.

USSI Global offers clients a recovery plan for keeping operations running in the event of an unforeseen occurrence. As business boundaries expand, colocation data centers are essential, tailoring disaster recovery plans to serve individual departments, user groups, or systems.

Commerce Services

USSI Global is consistently testing recovery plans, procedures, and processes. Our services include prevention monitoring, refreshing technology, and revising application processes to keep your data safe. Colocation services support business continuity in case of a disaster; they also augment infrastructure for business growth.

For most businesses, IT managers are somewhat confident disaster recovery plans will be successful. By working with USSI Global, you can boost your continuity effort by working with an experienced, highly secured colocation service company. It is the first step to enhancing your disaster recovery plan.

Rather than construct an in-house data center — invest in better equipment and take advantage of off-site secured data resources. Invest in a secured rack space for your server(s) and allow our IT support team to explore virtualization options of business solutions. These off-site facilities provide uninterrupted power supply, combined with battery backup systems, power generators, and power grids connecting companies to their customers.

Like other business tools, disaster recovery systems are investments. Do not wait for a disaster to plan.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Clients count on USSI Global to keep their business running — colocation services deliver power management solutions for physical servers, integrating them seamlessly into virtualization platforms. We are helping to organize and manage the data ensuring it is secured and protected.

Investing in a disaster recovery plan is equally important as keeping up with the technology advances. Every business model strategy should include a disaster plan with a budget. The plan’s purpose is to keep your business running during and after a disaster.

If your current plan is outdated or non-existent, our service center can help to create a good program for any sized business. Besides keeping the internal functions updated regularly, we offer 24/7 network monitoring – extending protection beyond a company’s regular work hours.

Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery plans describe the sequence of events. Be sure to read, understand and review policy and procedure manuals. It helps to reduce confusion during catastrophes. Test the plans and advise the responsible staff and team of any changes to policy and management standards.

Each action involved with the recovery plan process has specific purpose. The overall objective is to store the data, protect the property, and secure business continuity.