Our Blog: Global Perspectives

Here’s an assortment of short stories, technology tips, and industry insights that support USSI Global’s commitment to customer support. 

USSI at 35: Looking Back and Looking Forward

In 1985, our company was established to cater to the emerging VSAT (very-small-aperture terminal) business. VSAT is a two-way satellite system that became extremely popular when the U.S. government broke up AT&T. Fast forward to today – USSI Global has installed more than 100,000 VSAT systems…

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Project Management Bandwidth for the C-Band Migration

Great responsibilities come with managing large broadcast and satellite projects, especially when there are wholesale changes to the technical infrastructure. We all know that these systems must be built to exacting technical specifications, with technologies that optimize reliability, performance and ROI…

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Avoiding the Coffee Crash

We share much in common with our consumer-facing customers when it comes to service and support. From public digital signage to retail showrooms, it’s our mission to provide responsive, problem-solving customer service that allows businesses to inform, entertain and generate revenue without disruption.

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USSI Global Continues to Deliver Around The World

NOTHING WILL STOP USSI GLOBAL! Photos from our Field Engineer team at WTTG. USSI Global FEs are installing on the 26th floor of a new building in Bethesda, MD. With so-many people and businesses grinding to a halt it is great to see something going up!

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