USSI Extended Warranty Agreements

extended warranty agreements

Technology offers unprecedented opportunities to solicit and capture the attention of consumers using digital commercial displays. In the continuing era of evolution, companies are taking advantage of digital displays. It is not unusual to see multiple displays covering the interior or exterior of building walls with information and imagery pertaining to our lifestyles and individual […]

Benefits of Performing a Site Survey

performing a site survey

A site survey can be one of the most crucial steps to a successful installation. It provides you a chance to assess any potential problems and allows the integrator and technician to resolve any issues prior to installation. USSI Global schedules site surveys worldwide to alleviate any concerns regarding system functionality or budgeting restraints. Qualified […]

Where’s Wavra?

ussi field engineer

Waldo famously liked to hop around a lot in his books, showing up in various crowds all over the world. He enjoyed exploring and learning more about the people around him. In a way, he is a lot like USSI Global’s Field Engineer John Wavra. See where Wavra’s work takes him, and why he would […]

A Look Back at CES 2018

CES 2018

The long wait is finally over! After weeks of anticipation for this year’s Consumer Technology Association Conference, we are happy to say, CES was a huge success! USSI Global sent two of our team members to the CES 2018 Conference to review the latest and greatest consumer-technology products. There was an incredible array of anything […]

The Rise of the Outdoor Digital Menu Board

outdoor digital menu board

A restaurant who replaces their traditional outdoor menu board with a digital one can expect to add up to 8% to their sales, a number that has not been taken lightly by business owners. About 70% of restaurants make back the money they spend on an outdoor digital menu board in less than 18 months! […]

Managing Satellite Broadcast Networks the USSI Global Way

Satellite Broadcast Networks

On any given day, satellite broadcast networks need a number of adjustments to maintain the quality of their output. USSI Global has more than 30 years of network experience in this industry and a front-row seat for the evolution of engineering for satellite networks. Ultimate Goal Our job is to make sure our clients keep […]

What You Should Know About Purchasing Commercial Digital Media Displays

digital media displays

Companies that rely on commercial digital media displays know that it is not as simple as it seems to buy or replace screens. There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to signage repair.  Many business owners simply do not have time to support the coordination of repair or warranty efforts. Providing […]

USSI Global at NAB Show East 2017

NAB Show East

USSI Global recently attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB Show East) trade show in NYC, sending executives from Operations and Sales to meet and network with a number of decision-makers seeking solutions for broadcast equipment and service. For an inside look at the highlights of the show, see what Greg Palm, VP of Broadcast […]

USSI Logistics: Depot Repair & Rework Projects

USSI Logistics

As technology focuses on building a better product, logistics is enhancing the supply chain—one method is extending the life of technology designed for repair and refurbishing without the loss of performance. We have first-hand experience capturing warranty data, life cycles and the cost of replacement equipment capable of being re-programmed, repaired or refurbished. Our methods […]

Why We Offer Global On-Site Repair

Companies who seek to keep up with the digital age expect a lot from their services, and few companies understand this motto better than USSI Global. It’s just one of the reasons why we offer on-site repair globally — because you never know when or where there is going to be a problem with your […]